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Known for having a higher sugar content and often described as having a smooth creamy texture once cooked.  It has a mild taste that makes it great for using raw or in stir fries or a quick sauté where it won’t overpower the dish.  8-12 cloves per head

  • The garlic that we grow is best suited for our region, the Northeast but will perform well in any states with colder climates in the winter.  We do not recommend our varieties for Southern states.

    We accept orders for garlic starting in July, once we have harvested. The shipping will be done in the order received beginning in September and continuing through October.

    We typically ship USPS priority but if we find a cheaper option that will arrive as quickly, we will offer that.  We do not profit on shipping and try to find the best deal for you.  


    • We ship only to the U.S.
    • We cannot ship to Idaho due to Allium restrictions
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